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Nandan here. Just saw (almost) every scene of my movie back to back for the first time today. One might call it an assembly. It was rough, and the takes were chosen as placeholders. Mike (Sweeny, who’s editing) and I decided we needed to just get some sort of an assembly to give us a sense of what this movie is before we even began watching all the footage (which is quite a decent amount).

Mike said he did get a better sense of what this movie is. So did Zach. I don’t think I did.

Watching the first cut of Bummer Summer was a revelatory experience for me. I did, as feared, feel disconnected. And I still had all the associations that made me see intellectual film-making decisions rather than scenes with characters interacting. But to see the scenes in order suddenly made it into a full movie and showed me patterns, rhythms, and story-lines that I had never even comprehended before. I walked away thinking Zach was a genius.

Okay genius is a little strong. But I really was impressed that there were beats and connections I had never managed to comprehend from reading the outline and discussing individual scenes and decisions and rehearsals.

That’s what I was hoping with my screening today. To walk away thoroughly impressed with my own brilliance, and to see connections and successes that were what I had planned and wanted in an abstract sense but completely different to view as a physical reality. I experienced that when I would watch clips in detroit. I was constantly thrilled to watch the acting and really felt like these scenes were being acted out a thousand times better and more real and engaging than I could’ve ever written or imagined them.

But instead, today, I just saw takes. A series of takes. Disconnected. Disjointed. And with no association one with another. It doesn’t help that the film has no real narrative to begin with. I thought about walking out of the room, powerless, nothing I could do, nothing I could do to understand what I was thinking or imagining when I thought or imagined this jumbled mess of not-very-clear ideas. The film coheres about as much as my thoughts right now. And I’m about as excited about it as I am about what I’m writing about about now.

Anyways, that experience aside and thinking about things with a distance I feel really hopeful that after we sit down and really dive in to edit this in the next couple weeks something good will come out. I hope. I believe it will be alright. I think I might even enjoy it at times. I really do. It might work as a whole piece as well.

In other news, we’re preparing pretty hard for Argentina. Zach’s spending a lot of time writing and engaging in serious telephonic discussion that is spanning the country. I’m making a movie while I’m here that involves the following art collective/space/project: – I’m pretty hyped. It’s a process that is really really exciting to me and totally new and I don’t know what it’ll quite be yet but I want to tell you about it but telling you about it seems really monumental and intimidating right now. I think the product is going to be more or less a narrative film. If you are in New York you should come to the screening/opening on January 29th. 21 Monitor street in Brooklyn. 6PM.


Also, they got some really cool reviews today which is really exciting. Such as in VARIETY.

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