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Zach here. I’ve been trying to get an update on here for a scalding hot minute now, but we’ve experienced delays. It’s silly, really. Nandan started cutting together a video revue of all our recent exploits. He got off to a really lousy start and then dropped it into my hands. I worked on it for a while, failed to reverse the irreversible suck he’d established, and then gave up. I think that sometimes it’s alright to postpone progress for the sake of delivering critical news stories in a timely manner to the domes of the people you love (y’all). Enough excuses. Let’s get started.

First up, roster changes. Sophia left on Thursday, February 24. This was a very sad day for me, and I’m sure that Nandan and Brad weren’t entirely thrilled either. We’d been rehearsing every single day up until that point and via the process were able to make a lot of positive revisions to the movie. It got me even more excited to be here, which I didn’t know I could be. Sophia will return in March, but not before her very own BRAND NEW MOVIE premieres at SOUTH BY SOUTHFUCKINGWEST. Get some!

Meanwhile, the aforementioned Bradley Smith is here in a big way. We’re psyched to have him and all of the help he has/will provide us. As far as I can tell, the guy is 100% beneficial apart from the headache that comes with having to accommodate his dietary requirements (red meat, whiskey, nails). Within his first three hours in Buenos Aires he fed me a couple liters of beer and dared me to do a barefooted kickflip on my skateboard. My foot is still ruined.

We’ve been doing a lot of scouting, meeting, moving, shaking, etc. I’ve been consistently shocked by the level of complete willingness to help on the part of just about everyone we’ve come across. For example, local skate talent Mariano Blanco has agreed to cart us around his provincial neighborhood scouting tomorrow. And that’s in addition to taking on a small role in the film. He’s a director himself, I saw his movie at last year’s BAFICI. It was great.

And pictured above we have Sophia posing with Ezequiel who, along with Ximena (a friend of mine since my first visit in 2008), have agreed to appear in the movie in addition to letting us shoot in their apartment. I’m sure you think it stops there.

It doesn’t. They’ve also invited us to come out to their hometown in Entre Rios to shoot the one sequence in the movie that takes place elsewhere in Argentina. Above and beyond!

The list of people hooking it up for us goes on, and on, and on. Over the past few days we’ve met with people at two great blogs (What’s Up Buenos Aires and Juanele). You may also remember a recent update regarding some Bummer Summer screenings down here. Well, that’s all very official now according to facebook. And the rad poster is icing on the cake.

And I might dare say that Manuel and Martín, the two capos in charge of these screenings, have been most helpful of all. It started our first week here when I asked if they thought there was any chance that we might be able to shoot a quick scene at the Cine Cosmos (where the screenings are going to take place). Well, they set it right up. Here’s Manuel, Sophia, and I basking in the delightful glow of a well scouted location.

As we exited the theater, Manuel asked me if I needed help with anything else, which I took as an open invitation to dump an enormous laundry list of favor-requests on him. He listened carefully, said it sounded like no problem, and that was that. Meanwhile Martín has been providing multiple leads in our search for the third biggest role in the movie, the first of which we met with today and really loved. But there are more meetings to come!

So all has been well. The past week has been a beautiful-weathered blur of meeting and scouting. And no meeting/scouting combo has been quite so difficult and tiresome as the search for a megaclub location. Again, Martín has been pointing us in the direction of different options. And so I leave you with a photo of Nandan and I trying to pretend like we’re actually enjoying our VIP status. Convincing?

Check back early and check back often! We’ve got a whole grip of updates hurtling straight towards your face, not to mention an infinitely exciting roster of guest bloggers in the very near future.

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