Storm Before the Calm

March 7th, 2011 § 0 comments

Nandan here. Zach was very insistent I title this post this title. Which is fair. It’s a clever title.

I have mixed blogsires right now. The first of which is to strike back at Zach’s low-brow goading of my video masterworks that I’ve had cooking for the past couple weeks. One might think I might be bitter and expect some sort of snarky video in response to his insults. But instead I made an homage to all the work he’s been doing here:

Now that that feud has been sufficiently fed for one post, I want to talk about being ready. I’m not. It’s funny how I still kind of expect to feel ready. Just in general. I still get really surprised when I find I’m super-nervous about recording the first shot of the film, or in the days leading up to shooting. One would think that I would accept that I will always be an anxious mess of nerves and that I stop believing that that could be alleviated, but somehow I’m still hopeful and I’m still surprised when no relief comes.

That being said I have nothing to fear because this movie is running like clockwork. A calm it’ll be. I don’t know if you are all sufficiently aware of the way things fall into place here. We’ve found El Dorado. It’s a shame we’ll leave it. Maybe. Anyways, our very first shoot came yesterday and it was a perfect example of the voodoo-vortex that seems to be swirling the universe in our favor here. You’ve been givin the heads-up on Manuel Garcia, our boy from 791 that hooked-up the theater. Well we rolled up to the place a little early and walked into the theater to start setting up when we were quasi-immediately accosted by a crotchety old man yelling at us from the projector booth. This beast of an angry-soul was apparently the projectionist that Manuel had somehow convinced to string-up his 35mm projector and show us a movie so that we could shoot someone watching it. Zach started an attempt to pacify the man but luckily Manuel showed up a few minutes later and magicked everything into all-good. We shot the scene and low-and-behold it ended up looking way cooler than we ever expected even after the test. This doesn’t look good as a still, it’s just really dark. But trust me when I say it looks better moving. But I did want to give you something, it felt wrong not to give you a taste of SHOOT NUMBER ONE:

In other news Brad set up the camera to get a great dayinthelife flyonthewall veritestyle snapshot of the team coming together and finding our flow down here. I think I can honestly say that I do think you should all be hyped, this is proof that there’s gold being created down here that will hopefully be coming at you in the near future. I’m really excited about this project.

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