Cucaracha Man vs. Lurker on the All-You-Can-Schvitz Express: My Inaugural Blog Entry

March 11th, 2011 § 0 comments

Hello world!

I should probably tell you my name is Bradley and that I have been with various Newhard entities here in Buenos Aires for about two and a half weeks. Writing my first guestblog to all you millions of fine readers is daunting, but then I look out from the 14th floor of our new apartment and its amazing balcony (where Nandan has decided to sleep btw), and the warm breeze and water view gives me the chutzpah to continue.

When I first got here I could not help but notice the professional dogwalkers in BA. I shit you not, at least ten dogs (I have counted as high as 15 on one occurrence), each leash entwined together forming something not dissimilar to a very thick, rainbow-cyborg-arm wrapped tightly around an appendage from someone usually under 150 pounds.

Amazed though I was, I found myself hoping our production would be like this…yoked together and moving in the same direction. Probably due to a combination of jetlag, new friends, and catching up on all new things TISFC, I began to suspect that helping out on this film was going to be more like herding cats. Luckily these suspicions proved false, and as we move from preproduction to shooting I can feel it all coming together.

Our new location/office/awesomeplace is really, well…awesome. When going through each room and checking lighting this week, Nandan seemed very pleased with everything as is. Now, I am catching up on my Newhard history here, but I have been told that this is a rare occurrence. Much has transpired already, and I am happy to say that so far, most things have worked out really nice. I have always thought of myself as agnostic when it comes to the film gods, but we mentioned noticing their presence yesterday. Let’s hope that doesn’t jinx anything.

This morning we shot our first dialogue scene at a location gifted to us by none other than Oscar winner Juan Jose Campanella and his production company. Here are two great shots of Zach going deep Method today.

Suffice it to say we are very fortunate and extremely grateful to Juan, Muriel, and (ZACH’S NOTE: the lovely) Dalia for this favor. Including the previously mentioned but worth mentioning many times over amazing support of 791Cine (an awesome indie distributor here in Argentina that is getting Bummer Summer some South American love). Locations, actors, and favors are flowing our way. Here are some stills from rehearsals with Radical Roger, our new best friend and cohort.

He is plays a really cool role in the film, and also has a band OLGA that we can’t stop listening to on repeat. Check it.

But just in case you thought we were hustling too hard, rest assured we have also been having good times with many new friends as well. From homestyle Asados (like a BBQ that is about the slow process of hanging out a couple hours until the tasty chorizo, ribs, and steak begins to sizzle and pop and filling the air with so much goodness that the dogs can’t help but lick the grill), getting comped tickets at sold out events, night-skating in a park with everyone sharing cold beers, pogo-ing at a crazy drum concert until the wee hours of the morning…we are feeling the love on the wild streets and humid nights as well.

For the rest of today we will be “arting” the apartment where much of the film takes place. This weekend has lots of shooting, and then we head to the rural Entre Rios for an adventure outside the city that we are really looking forward to. As long as we don’t lose Nandan due to his peculiar habit of walking and looking at the ground directly in front of his toes (drawing muggers wanting a Canon 5D), Zach doesn’t get kidnapped by the Vieja Contrabanista, and I don’t build a parador and decide to live there, we should return from the jungle intact with good footage from a great location and some tales fit for regaling.

In parting, I leave you with our small contribution to Argentinian culture after seeing the very cool first feature, Somos Nosotros. After the screening we humbly shared one of the simple secrets of life back home.

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