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Zach here. I’m fresh back from Colón, Entre Ríos where we had our wildest and yet most comfortable adventure yet. Wild because we had four days in an unknown land to write, produce, and shoot an interlude-type sequence that comes exactly halfway through the movie. Plus there were tons of mosquitos. But then comfortable because of our friends Ximena and Ezequiel, pictured below:

Brad was also there, but too busy loving asado to appear in the photo.

Anyway, these guys hooked it up. They showed us all around Colón and took us everywhere we needed to go. They also arranged for a press conference at the mayor’s office in which a bunch of people with microphones fired questions at us. I’m not sure what they were saying and I’m not sure what I said back to them, but somehow that short meeting entitled us to a free hotel room and free lunches at a local restaurant. When it comes to filmmaking, we use the whole animal. Sleeping and eating was not all we did in those places:

Moving on, we shot a lot of cool stuff. For example:

El Palmar, a national park where we lied to a really nice ranger in order to keep shooting :/

A really scary structure of ambiguous design that I had to climb over and over again.

And most notably for me, at the Forclaz Windmill where our new buddy Juan Carlos came through with a great performance. After the shoot we all sat out on the lawn as the sun set while he provided ice cold orange soda and his life story, set to the backdrop of some rural ass birds and crickets. Otherworldly.

It was an awesome trip, and I think it was in Colón where we finally hit that magical milestone at which point onward it feels like we’re actually in the process of shooting a movie. A lot changed for us this past week, most notably for Nandan. He found a new use for Brad that’s going to make lighting a lot easier from now on:

But not all change was for the better. The stress of production drove him to take up smoking:

I propose that we all utilize facebook to encourage him to kick the habit.

Butt Colón aside, things are going well in general (in addition, of course, to the huge host of things that aren’t going well). One huge thing that happened was that we fake-wallpapered 2.5 rooms of our apartment using tons of fabric and a gooey cornstarch-water solution. I think it looks awesome. A few people have asked whether this movie is going to be in black and white or in color. Allow me to clarify:

The only downside of the whole thing is that the landlord has proven a little more hands-on than any of us expected and I’ve become crippled by paranoia for fear that she’ll find out. Yesterday I was home alone and the doorbell rang. Without even knowing who it was, I shut myself in my room and remained motionless until I was sure that they had gone. The thing about the fake wallpaper is that it pulls right off and causes no damage to the paint job. I’d just rather that the landlady not find out at all. Plus, even if she doesn’t care, she’s unlikely to be happy about the glass coffee table that Nandan shattered by sitting on.

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