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April 30th, 2011 § 0 comments

Zach here. I got an interesting email from Brad the other day:

Although I still haven’t responded to Brad, I agree with him. So here I am, getting my blog nut. It’s been almost an entire month. When you last heard from us, things were grim. I was barfing. Within a day, Nandan was barfing too. Sophia even barfed once, although the reason remains unclear. My best guess is that it was sympathy barf. Brad never barfed. He just did push-ups.

Yes, things were grim. It felt like the god damned Oregon Trail. I thought it was all over. A year of planning, thousands of dollars, and countless hours of labor…all for nothing. I was depressed.

But it wasn’t all over. We pulled through and shot everything, including the ever-daunting bar scene. It was something I’d been concerned about since I first wrote it into the movie. Things started to look up when Manuel connected us with his friend Emiliano, who owns a bar called AlterEgo. We took a meeting with him back in February at which he bought us beer, food, and invited us to shoot anything we’d like at his bar. Unfortunately, just days before the shoot date we’d arranged, Emiliano called me with some bad news. The bar had been shut down by the city. We did some massive schedule shuffling and planned to shoot it one week later, when the bar would hopefully be back in business. And it was!

The night we shot there was an outrageous thunderstorm. Things were high stress. Brad and I had to make a literal run for cash and on our way back Brad fell in the street – full on Funniest Home Videos style – and took the skin right off of his knee. He couldn’t stop the blood running down his leg so he tied some cloth scraps around the wound and we left for the shoot. Bonus for blog readers, if you ever get to see this movie you’ll know to look for a super rare Nandan cameo in the background of this shot:

Anyway, all went extremely well and my eternal thanks go out to Kevin, Kenneth, Cait, and Kendall for coming out to appear as extras at 3:00am on a Sunday night. And perhaps the most eternal thanks of all go to our buddy Germán, who recorded sound that night despite a bum shoulder and work at 9:00am (we wrapped at 6:30am). I felt bad suckering an innocent guy like Germán into the job, but it was all worth it to see Brad make his long-awaited appearance as a highly patriotic drinking enthusiast.

But moving on. Brad and Sophia left. Nandan and I took all of the cloth wallpaper down and arranged to meet the landlord at night so that she wouldn’t see the marks that it left everywhere. She didn’t. Shhh…

Nandan and I faced a predicament. We were out of our apartment on the 8th but not flying until the 15th. In classic form, we decided not to address the issue too seriously until just a few days shy of homelessness. Enter Vero. A mutual friend of OLGA‘s, we’d met her only once at the Bummer Summer premiere in March. But despite our lack of really knowing each other, Vero stepped in and offered to share her lovely apartment with us for the entire remainder of our stay. We gratefully accepted and made ourselves quite at home. Vero is awesome and I look forward to returning the favor at some future date in some other hemisphere.

Aside from three simple re-shoots, our last week in Buenos Aires was pure vacation. It also happened to coincide with my favorite film festival, BAFICI, where I was all warm and fuzzy feeling right at home as a threepeat attendee. We really couldn’t have spent our last week any better than we did: with new friends, new films, and a lot (I mean a lot) of Fernet.

Next was New York, and it was kind of a blur seeing as I was only there for five days. We did a lot of homecoming partying. The highlight was definitely our Bummer Summer screening at reRun, a cool new theater in Brooklyn, where we unveiled two brand new trailers to a packed house: one for The International Sign for Choking and another for Nandan’s Detroit movie The Men of Dodge City. Sophia threw us an after-party that was so intensely enjoyable that I felt just the slightest twinge of regret for fleeing the city. Thanks to Nick Feitel for taking this, the only photo of the night:

About ten days ago I flew to Seattle where Bummer Summer was screening yet again, this time for an entire week (two screenings a night!) at the Northwest Film Forum. They’re a really great organization and they even set me up with editing facilities during my stay. Many thanks to them for a great time.

And now here I am, back in Olympia, my dear sweet hometown whom I haven’t seen for six months and where this whole thing started over two years ago. I’m hard at work editing the movie, so expect more updates and less interesting photographs.

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